Pharmacy Systems - Test receiving NCPDP standard eRx messages from WENO

This demo will show you how easy it is to receive eRx messages from WENO. To certify on WENO, pharmacy systems can choose the minimum API or the full API. The minimum API requires your system to receive real time NewRxs from WENO's prescribers with a Status or Error real time response as well as manage their stores' demographics manually on your dashboard or via the Manage API. The full API supports sending eRx messages to prescribers as well as receiving eRx messages. WENO recommends starting with the minimum API in order to help your stores meet the mandates for ePrescribing.
Follow these steps to send yourself a test eRx message
Step 1 - Enter a secure endpoint here:    

Note: when asked for the endpoint URL be sure to specify the full path of the endpoint URL containing the script that handles the messages Weno sends to your endpoint.
For example, if your server is located at and the endpoint script is under /endpoint.php then your endpoint URL is

Don't have a secure endpoint set up? No problem. Open the sample code shown below to create one.
Sample Endpoint Creator Code to Copy Paste     Show/Hide PHP Code    Show/Hide C# Code
Step 2 - Enter credentials for WENO to use when calling your endpoint
Step 3 - Select the Language of Your Status/Error NCPDP Real Time Response
Step 4 - Select which eRx message WENO will send to you & view your endpoint's response
           Download Sample Messages
Step 5 - Send back to WENO Status Message (Show/Hide Sample) in case of Success or Error Message (Show/Hide Sample) in case of Failure
Endpoint’s Response:
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